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Hello Dears
I have the real pleasure to present you here our two new Admins.
:iconmirjat: and :iconalynaris: (go and give them a :huggle:)

I guess you recognized  that our group was not running really good in the last time cause of my personal time issues. So I'm very grateful that this two girls will help me and they have great ideas so be surprised ;)

We started to collect your contestthemesuggestions in our last blog. We will look what could be a good theme for a new contest and tell you about it soon :D

We currently have about 80 artpieces in our inbox that are already expired. Please feel free to resubmit :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask

have a great day

Your suggestions in no particular order :)

Small contests to a certain fairytale like "Cinderella". The winner gets chosen by the community. After some little contests a big winner will be chosen out of all winners of the small contests.

Not so known fairytales.


dark and twisted might be combined with the idea of show a special scene out of a fairytale

Villians gone bad! Meaning fairytale villians like stepmoms and stepsisters and such, gone REALLY bad, with blood and monsterlike-stuff, real horror-villians.
Cause they always look way too sweet....

What do you think about it. What is your favourite suggestion? What would you add?

Im not that active here right now but I read all your messages and have a look on your contributed artwork. Dont worry if it expires. You'll recieve a note in any way when I find the time to anwer.

Im also thinking of asking for some contributers that help me to run this group. Anyone interested?
Hey Dears

The last journal was about ideas for the group.
A contest seemed to be something some of you really want to have.
Which Theme you you like?

Your suggestions please.

beside this
The groups inbox is like my own one a mess. I try to sort it but there a lot of unanswered notes about submitted art and also contributed art that is waiting for attention. I do my best to bring some system in this but please dont mind if this might take some time.
Hi Dears,

I just wanted to leave you some short messages here

-When your contributed art expires or you have to wait for some time, this has nothing to do with your Artwork. Im just very busy and so this can happen. If you contribution expires and you didnt get any message from me - feel free to submit it again ;)

-The number of our members is growing which makes me really happy :boogie: and so I want to know your wishes about this group. Do you want to have more contests, features, a critique section and so on and so forth?

Please leave your feedback here

wish you a great day
This Blog is space for you to ask questions, present contests and look for collaborations and anything else...

:iconslephoto: is looking for a digital Artist for a Project >>more Informations

If you also want to share some things with the dark-fairy-talesCommunity just leave a message her or send us a comment


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